Barney Carroll

Front-end web developer

I'm a sell-sword front-end web developer!

I'm incredibly good at Javascript & mobile-first design, and all that hot HTML5, CSS3 blah blah blah you've been reading about.

Stop. Don't call me — I've got loads of work on at the minute and the current assignments take precedence over any wonderful theoretical opportunities. If you're into that kind of stuff head over to my LinkedIn profile for detail — but don't message me there (I update it, never check it); .

When I've got a spare minute, I'll go to troll on StackOverflow, pleading for my answers to be marked as accepted.

For larger stretches of spare time, there's always my GitHub account — I like to keep quirky gists for esoteric front-end techniques.

And when the above's still WYSIWTF, I'll WYSIWYG stuff on jsFiddle.

Sometimes I'll be left with a second or two to .

I no longer have time for being in the best band in the world.

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